Friday, February 1 2013

Car Hire Dalaman Airport

Travelers who are coming to Turkey for a memorable holiday the last thing they want to do is waiting at the rental counter trying to hire a vehicle when they arrive at Dalaman International Airport. So it is strongly recommended to complete your booking before the arrival. At the present time, the most widely used communication tool is internet. However there are some difficulties to organize your car hire because of the lack of information about car hire companies. The most effective method of obtaining cheap car hire at Dalaman Airport is by the use of price comparison tools which is published on popular websites. You can see all vehicles with prices and helps you to choose your vehicle according to your requirements.

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Monday, January 28 2013

Examine Dalyan Car Hire For A Memorable Holiday

The Beuaties of Dalyan

The geographical structure of Dalyan causes to the creation of many interesting natural events. Iztusu shoreline is between Dalyan and Bozburun, is an interesting present of nature. The narrow line which divides the sea and the delta is unbelievable. Because this place is the most important remaining nesting area for worldwide famous Caretta Carettas sea turtles in the whole Mediterranean. By the help of special regulations it seems to be kept in that way for a long time.

Besides, with the pine trees behind the golden sands, this beach attracts either foreign or native tourists. It is possible to watch the harmony in usage of this shore between human beings and Caretta Carettas for 90.000.000 years. The turtles leave their eggs, 35 meters far from the sea to the beach in a certain periods. Therefore visitors are in a race of warning each other not burying their umbrellas in deep. In this site, all areas except the sea and lake are covered with forests.

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Monday, January 21 2013

Dalaman International Airport Guide

Situated just 6 km outside Dalaman Town in southwest Turkey, Dalaman International Airport is a point of entry for tourists heading to the sunny tourism resorts along the Turkish Riviera. This article provides information about Dalaman International Airport and helps travellers to find terminal facilities and how to get to the airport.
Fethiye History

Dalaman International Airport is the gate openning to the Mediterranean & Aegean coasts of southwestern Turkey throughout the resorts including Dalaman, Dalyan, Sarigerme, Gocek, Koycegiz, Marmaris, Fethiye and Kalkan towns. Annual passenger capacity of 10 million Dalaman Airport International Terminal Check-In service to give each one equipped with a computerized check-in counter 60 pieces per hour, 4.000 passengers and 5.000 baggage service can be given easily. Check-In service CUTE and LDCS systems are computing environment. A total of 44, the passenger compartments at passport control procedures, thanks to high-tech passport reading systems completed in short, so that the airport procedures for passengers, safe, and so easy and can complete as soon as possible.

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Tuesday, December 4 2012

Easy Way To Travel Around Fethiye

The History of Fethiye

Telmissos, which is in boundaries of today’s Fethiye’s side city between the borders of Kayra-Likya, for a long time lived as an independent city from Likya (Lycchia). In 545 B.C. Harpagos, the commander of Persien, occupied Kayra cities together with Telmessos. After Persian had occupied Likya, Telmessos and Likya had been the first province of Persian. The places which were governed by the governor were called as “Satrap” by the Persian. Telmessos joined the ATTIKA-DELOS navigation unit and from time to time, separated from the unit by participating the rebellions. However, it has its connection with the unit, till 380 B.C.
Fethiye Historical Place

In 362 B.C. when Peyiklens, the Likya prince gathered all the people, who were living in Likya (Lycchia), in the unit, Telmessos became a dependent city of Likya. And it got into the sovereignty of Mauselos, the Kayra King.

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Monday, December 3 2012

Marmaris - The City Which Has Been Opened To Tourism Firstly

Marmaris, which has the alleys those descend upon the sea from the feet of the historic castle, and which has typical houses, mythological work of arts and products modern architecture: The touristic establishments, hotels, motels, casinos, beaches and which connects the history with today, is the city which is opened to tourism firstly in this area. The slight movements which has begun in 1969’s (and in the following years) in Marmaris, has developed rapidly and that made the city as the most glorious city in the area respect of tourism. It has acted as the pioneer of local and foreign tourism. After those years, it became the most appreciated tourism center. Tourism experts who come to our country and go around can’t hide their admiration, since Marmaris is really attractive with it early beginning tourism season and during this time a hundred of tourists (both native and foreign) come together in streets, beaches and touristic establishments.

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Sunday, April 15 2012

Proud of Launching Our New Car Hire Website and Blog

We're thrilled to launch our new car hire website. Please take a look around and let us know what do you think about it? Any and all feedback is welcome to develop our website and our service to offer you best car hire at Dalaman Airport and around Dalaman area in the Mediterranean coast of southwest Turkey.


Dalaman Car Rental Website



We're in believe that we are going to reach our aim by publishing this blog. Our aim is not only to serve for Turkey car hire business, but also to introduce then places of the beautiful tourism resorts of southwestern Turkey. About historical, naturalistic beauty of our country Turkey there are lots of introductions. However they do not give enough knowledge  about foundations, associations and firms in the sites. In other words there is all lock of information about this area. For that reason, we are Milan Car Rental which has dominant prestige in its branch, has big enough knowledge about this area, has published this blog for you.